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Here’s our journey.

A place where time stands still and your experience is our priority, The Mayflower is the future of modern dining. Collaborating with local and international artists, The Mayflower offers a slice of nature, nestled within the chaos of urban living.

Our name, The Mayflower, pays tribute to the historic Mayflower ship which transported pilgrims who were seeking freedom from England to the US. As such, the Mayflower honours the pilgrims’ strength, courage and faith in liberty, which in turn, represents owners’ Kevin Ly and Christian Lee’s new beginning with their vision of innovative cafes.

Welcoming Refik Anadol

The Mayflower brings world-renowned artist Refik Anadol to Sydney’s North.

A media artist and pioneer in the aesthetics of artificial intelligence, Refik translates new media technology into art and design, creating enriched immersive environments that offer a dynamic perception of space.

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