Our story

Located in the heart of Darlinghurst, you will instantly feel the heritage of our beautiful Sydney building. Collaborating with many recognised Australian Artists, Designers and Florists, we’ve brought to life the Mayflower's history that once was an Art Deco Florist in the 1990's.
Co-owners Kevin Ly, formerly of Brewristas, and Christian Lee have tapped into our venue’s floral past to guide its future, with the ambience of our dream-like dining room paying tribute to the building’s origin encompassing bold art deco paintings, lavish french floristry and gorgeous pink marble finishes. Everywhere you turn, you'll see pieces of art and culture instilled in our Darlinghurst retreat.
Our name, the Mayflower, pays tribute to the historical Mayflower ship which shipped pilgrims from England to the US who seeked religious freedom. As such, the Mayflower honors the pilgrims’ strength, courage and faith to liberty, which in turn, represents owners’ Kevin Ly and Christian Lee’s new beginning with their vision of the cafe.
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Our team

Co-owner Kevin Ly, went from a Mechanical Engineer to a respected barista in his very own cafe. Kevin boasts a credible reputation in the food and dining industry having many of his meals and venues featured on the Huffington Post UK, DailyMail UK, BuzzFeed, Broadsheet, concrete playground, big review TV, SMH and The Daily Telegraph.
His partner Christian lee is an entrepreneurial spirit with an extensive business portfolio. Christian has an eye for excellence and a skill for bringing incredible visions to life!
Together, with former Momofuku Seiobo chef Jihwan Choi (Banksii, Bar H, Daylesford’s Lake House) and a team of Nationally recognised baristas, The Mayflower brings a luxurious and prestige, yet humble brunch spot for locals and tourists from across the globe alike.